Freeport, ME.

Designer: Taggart Const./Curt Jensch A.AIA

After building their barn and renovating their cottage, the Windpointe homeowners chose Taggart Construction to build a third project, a new residence for their growing family. This 2600 square foot home complements the barn and guest cottage already located on the property. Among the many energy efficient and environment friendly aspects of this house are:

  • Passive solar design with radiant concrete flooring
  • Solar hot water
  • House is prepped for future PV (photovoltaic) cells
  • High performance building envelope
  • Dense-Pac cellulose and 1½” rigid insulation for and exterior wall R-value of 26
  • Roof insulation R-value of 52
  • Energy recovery ventilation system
  • Locally sourced hardwood flooring
  • ABS piping for plumbing systems
  • Passive radon system