Scarborough, ME.

Designer: Richard Renner Architects

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful 6000+ square foot home spans three floors and connects to its garage by a glass bridge. Plantings on the bridge roof will create an environment friendly “green roof.” Other green design features of this oceanfront home include:

  • 2.1 kW PV solar array
  • Solar hot water with excess heat generated during non-use periods supplementing the radiant heating system
  • Triple-glazed double low-e insulated fiberglass windows
  • Metal roof with solar reflective coating
  • Dense-Pac cellulose and 2” rigid insulation for an exterior wall R-value of 28
  • Heat recovery ventilation system
  • FSC certified, reclaimed hardwood flooring
  • Locally sourced stone for chimney and foundation
  • ABS piping for plumbing systems
  • High efficiency gas boiler
  • FSC-certified kitchen cabinetry and millwork