Word-of-mouth is the lifeblood of quality, high performance custom home builders. Here are comments and observations about the design/build team at Taggart Construction.

“We are really pleased with how everything turned out. We love the way the outside looks especially now that the hardscaping is completed. The entranceway, closets and bathroom/laundry are super-functional and attractive. We love both the design and the workmanship. I finally finished painting the built-ins and the closet doors upstairs to match the vanity. Really finishes the job, just need to replace the dingy carpet and built-in pulls. Can’t wait. Still some painting to do in the entranceway and closets but getting close to the finish.”


“Projects that he (Peter Taggart) has built for us have been well coordinated, well documented, completed on time, and extremely well built. I also worked with his field supervisors and have found them to be highly knowledgeable, qualified and resourceful builders. Their ability to problem solve, coordinate work, and accommodate their clients in the field is remarkable. In my experience, there is nothing they won’t do to help out their clients.”

Scott Simon, AIA Scott Simon Architects

“I write this letter one and a half years later, in the study of our new home. Peter Taggart is the most competent, conscientious, and utterly trustworthy professional I have ever encountered. He is a man of unparalleled integrity; our home was built on a handshake. From beginning to end it was clear that Peter had higher standards of quality than we did ourselves. Moreover, these standards were reflected in the people directly employed by Taggart Construction, and in every subcontractor selected to participate in the project…”

Paul, Yarmouth

“Peter, you have an outstanding crew! We are very pleased with the workmanship, not to mention the reliability and dependability, of your staff. Every one of them was hardworking and friendly. . .”

Julie, Cape Elizabeth

“We’re thrilled. Kids loved it. . . The kids just raved about the space; particularly the idea that you came up with in the girl’s room with those extra hidden cabinets. The lights, the electrical outlets, the boxes, the way they were built into the steps – really just fabulous. Everything is just absolutely spectacular, picture perfect. We knew it would be. Just didn’t know it would be that great.”

Mark, Littlejohn Island

“The reason for this letter is to ask you for a tour of your facility. . .(a friend) keeps reminding me that her house is ‘earth friendly’ and built by Taggart Construction. Since I am distressed by pollution, deforestation, clear cutting, and slash-and-burn agriculture, and I want to become an architect, you are the perfect solution to my needs and interests…”

Emily, age 10, Yarmouth

“We are extremely happy with the results. The high quality workmanship is evident to our guests as well as to us, and we take a great deal of pride in showing off our house. The cabinetwork in our kitchen is especially attractive. We hear many remarks from our visitors that they are very impressed with everything they see…”

Dick, Portland

“There have been several neighbors over to see the progress (including the ones that said it would take so much longer) and everyone has been amazed that it is progressing so quickly. You couldn’t have better advertising for your company…”

Jim and Lyn, Cumberland

“Thought you might be interested in some comments made about your construction crew. We’ve been meeting more of our neighbors as we spend more time at the building site. Two weeks ago and again this weekend we heard much the same remarks from two different people. Both are mothers of young children who commented on how much they appreciate the reasonable speed of any vehicles pulling out of our driveway. The woman next door also mentioned how the radio was never played loudly. I got the impression that this may be in contrast to other projects in the subdivision. At any rate, these guys are great and have made a terrific impression on folks that we’ll be living with for years to come! Love the house and quality of the work your crew is doing.”

Lee, Gorham

“We were thrilled to get the good news on the LEED certification. Your team has a lot to be proud of. We’re very happy we recognized a good partner when we first met with you and looked at the Panish home. We’ve also learned a lot over the time of our collaboration and feel all the more committed to your type of home building. We’d be delighted to work with you in any way that would promote green building.”

Tom and Lee, Gorham