Peaks Island, Maine

Designer: Jim Greenwell

This Peaks Island home was rebuilt during the harshest winter in Maine in recent decades. (The month of February ranked the coldest month on record since 1895!) Our crews weathered the storms and re-constructed this home into a weather-tight, four-season residence. The challenges of building on an island (limited ferry schedules, limited deck space for vehicles, etc). The home makes the most of the views with glass doors that pocket into the wall and open up to a sixteen-foot clear span view of the harbor. The client wanted to reuse as much as possible of the existing structure, and our team was able to repurpose 60% of the walls and petitions to turn it into a 50% larger, open-concept house.¬†Our project manager, Don Lippoth, said “Working with people on the island, Laplante industries, and the island stores, felt like going back in time three decades where everyone looked out for each other. Something we don’t often encounter, and it was refreshing.”

Other design features of this island home include:

  • Geothermal heat pump and cooling
  • Mixing old with new – the house exterior has an old feel while the inside is ultra-modern
  • Low-voltage fixtures
  • Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry built in-house by Freeport Woodworking
  • Outdoor stone kitchen and pizza oven
  • Fix-hard points outside to minimize the view of neighboring homes